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Patrick Dowling

Patrick Dowling is a Freshman that is a guard for the Jefferson- Morgan boys basketball team.

Patrick was asked to explain his best performance. He replied, “Whenever I scored against Maple Town.”

“I’ve been playing this sport for four years, and I love being in the zone in the game”, Patrick responded to what inspires him to play this sport. He also plays a little golf in his spare time.

Patrick can’t remember what really was favorite memory from basketball because they were all so great to him.

He was asked if he liked the sport he played, “Yes, I do like basketball because it’s a really fun sport.”

“I would encourage other people to play basketball because it’s a good way to stay in shape.” said Patrick.

Patrick worst performance was at practice. He was really tired from staying up too late and didn’t have any energy at practice. He was asked if he could change his name what he would change it to. He said “I would change my name to Patasaurus Rex because it sounds cool.”