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  • The end of the 2nd nine weeks is this Friday, make sure to get in all of your work.

  • 2 hour early dismissal on Friday, don't forget!

  • All high school students will be permitted to attend the wrestling match on Friday, January 19th at 1:00 p.m.

  • There will be a Library Club meeting on Tuesday, Dec 19th during 2nd period with teacher permission.

A Christmas Story

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Michael Pochron – Editor

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A Final Farewell
May 24, 2017

One of our traditions that my family has is whenever December rolls around we all sit together and watch “A Christmas Story”; because it is something my parents have always done and their parents and so on. It also represents our family in some weird way, the father obsessing over some odd object or task, the mother always trying to do her best and keep the family together and the kid always getting in trouble by doing stupid things.

That movie is also a very funny one and is also highly memorable due to its originality. The main scene that I always remember is when Ralphie finally gets his Red Ryder bb gun he lines up his shot and he does hit his target but it goes through and hits the sheet of metal behind it causing the bb to come back around and shoot his eye out causing his glasses to be broken. He knows if he tells the truth he will get his bb gun taken away from him but if he lies he can just blame it on mother nature, perfect! So he sits down and cries till his mother comes out and he tell her that an icicle came down from the roof and hit him in the eye causing his glasses to be broken. That represents the the inner child in all of us no matter how old. It also says if you mess up and lie there’s a chance that things can get better.  

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A Christmas Story