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  • Play practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week

  • There will be a Library Club meeting after school on Wednesday, February 22.

  • There are 10 openings left for the spring band trip. Meet with Mrs. Svenson if interested.

  • All county band members must bring their music to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Spring sports physical forms can be picked up in the high school office.

Changing the Game

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The Lunar Chronicles
February 17, 2017
Changing the Game

Like many things in today’s society, food is changing drastically. Food is being  chemically enhanced, and now has longer shelf life. Scientists in the University of Florida are now hoping they can make tomatoes once again taste like tomatoes, instead of artificial flavors and chemicals.

Tomatoes are said to be around 1,000 times bigger than they used to be. “Researchers studying nearly 400 varieties of tomato discovered at least 25 chemicals and aroma compounds that combine to create what we think of as a tomato’s flavor. But they found 13 of those were “significantly reduced” in modern tomato varieties, either because growers were breeding for cheaper, bigger, longer-lasting tomatoes, or because they just weren’t paying attention,” according to Fox News Magazine.

Powell, the retired tomato expert from UC Davis, said the new work is exciting because it gives breeders a genetic road map for putting flavor back in the fruit. “Tomatoes are used in cuisines around the world, and different cultures have different preferences for flavors they like,” she said. “In Japan they like them super sweet, and in parts of Europe they like them with that green taste. Thanks to this work, the tomato can be made much more versatile,” according to LA times said.

“I think it is a cool idea. It is amazing that we are capable of doing that with our science we have today,” said Morgan Spencer.

“It is weird that they are going to put more chemicals in to change the already chemically enhanced tomatoes. I do not need any more chemicals in my body than I already have. I think it is not a smart idea,” said Tyler Woolen a sophomore.

Home of the Rockets
Changing the Game