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Diari Davis – Athlete Biography

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Michael Pochron – Editor

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A Final Farewell
May 24, 2017

Diari Davis is a junior and a member of the Jefferson-Morgan Baseball Team.

This is Davis’s first year on the team and he is having fun so far.

Davis said that the reason he joined the team was to play and compete with his friends.

Practice starts every weekday after school at the baseball field next to the school and usually lasts two hours.

Davis states that the hardest thing about baseball is trying to get in the game because the sport is so competitive.

Much like in football, the baseballs team’s rivals are the Carmichael’s Mikes. They plan on defeating them every chance they get.

When asked what position Davis plays, he said, “I am on the bench, although I am trying hard to get a position.”

Davis plans on practicing for the next season but does not plan on playing baseball competitively when he’s out of school.  

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Diari Davis – Athlete Biography