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  • CB tickets are now on sale! Tickets are selling for $60 for a couple and $40 for a single.

  • Congratulations to the JM Rocket Band on finishing 2nd place and scoring their highest score of the season at the Autumn Glory Parade in Oakland, Maryland.

  • The varsity football team will play California, on Friday, October 20th. The game will begin at 7:00 p.m.

  • If you wish to bring someone from another school to CB, get a packet from the office asap!

Gavin Teasdale- Editor
Gavin Teasdale is a Senior and a second year Journalism student. Gavin participates in many things but the main thing he participates in is wrestling. He is committed to wrestle for Penn State University. He has many other activities he participates in such as art club and a part of the wrestling team. Other hobbies and interests that he does are Jet skiing and golf. That is all he pretty much does in the summer. Teasdale likes to play corn hole and swim on his free time.

Gavin Teasdale, Editor

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