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  • Anyone who ordered Joe Corbi's is reminded that pickup for it is on Monday, November 19th in the HS cafeteria. (3:00-5:00)

  • Leo Club will be kicking off the Koeze chocolate and nuts fundraiser!

  • CB is this Saturday at the Double Tree hotel in Washington. Make sure all guest permission forms are turned into Mrs. Fulk asap!

  • The National Honor Society is having a light up night on December 9th at the school. Anyone is welcome!

Makenzie Wright – Editor-in-chief
Makenzie Wright is a senior and a second year Journalism student, serving as an editor-in-chief.

Makenzie is a participant in both volleyball and basketball. She is also apart of many clubs such as Leo Club, National Honor Society, Academic Team, Yearbook, Science Olympiad, Envirothon, Drama Club, Reading Club, Peer Mentoring and Debate Team.

In her free time. Makenzie enjoys going shopping or out to dinner, as well as reading and spending time with her dog.

Makenzie Wright, Editor-in-chief

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