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  • The first library club meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 18th in the library during enrichment,

  • Fall Sport Athletic Passes are on sale now in the high school office for $10. Any student can purchase the pass.

  • Friday, Sept 21, there will be a breakfast tailgate from 6:30 am to 7:30 am in the yard next to the Auditorium!

  • Jefferson Java is selling gourmet hot chocolate and coffee in room 208 for $2. Go get yours today!

Give Thanksgiving a Chance

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Black Friday is always the next day after Thanksgiving. It is said to be the first official day of the Christmas shopping season. The term “Black Friday” is used to refer to the stock market crashing in the 1800’s.

Black Friday sales start too early. Most sales begin on Thanksgiving Day, a time meant to be spent with family. The sales should begin on actual Black Friday, at midnight.

Stores open early on Thanksgiving Day to draw people in so they do not have to be out all night. For example, in 2017, Walmart, Target, and Ulta all open at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving, according to That night, Target closes at 12:00am and Ulta closes at 2:00am, but Walmart stays open all night. This cuts very well into a day meant to be spent with family and being thankful for what they have. “I would not work on Thanksgiving,” said junior Ashley Rockwell. “That is a time for my family and I, and I’m not spending that time working.”

Having stores open on Thanksgiving means that people have to work on Thanksgiving. Most employees working everyday jobs will have to work a holiday eventually, especially those in retail on Black Friday. “Last Thanksgiving I had to work while my family had dinner at my grandparents’ house,” said Giant Eagle employee Kaylee Marion. “I still went over after my shift later that night, but dinner was over and some of my relatives had already left.”


Those who are opposed to starting Black Friday actually on Black Friday say that this will not work. They believe that those who have to work Black Friday cannot shop if stores are not open on Thanksgiving. Though this is true, is it likely that a person who has to work Black Friday will spend Thanksgiving shopping, or will they spend it with their families?


The change to make these sales start later is not as easy as it seems. Stores would all have to start later. If even one store tries to open on Thanksgiving, its competitors will do the same. Stores should decide for themselves that they do not want to be open on on Thanksgiving so that their employees can spend time with their families.


Black Friday affects employees nationwide. Having to work on Thanksgiving as opposed to being with family is upsetting to the employees and families alike. Starting Black Friday at midnight will increase the time people spend with their families on Thanksgiving while still providing time for everyone to get their shopping in.





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Give Thanksgiving a Chance