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  • The end of the 2nd nine weeks is this Friday, make sure to get in all of your work.

  • 2 hour early dismissal on Friday, don't forget!

  • All high school students will be permitted to attend the wrestling match on Friday, January 19th at 1:00 p.m.

  • There will be a Library Club meeting on Tuesday, Dec 19th during 2nd period with teacher permission.

Shelby Burkett – Athlete Biography

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Michael Pochron – Editor

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A Final Farewell
May 24, 2017

Shelby Burkett is a freshman and a member of the Waynesburg Rifle Team.

This is Burkett’s first year in rifle. She also participates in marching band for over two years and has been participating in dance ever since she was little. Participation in both marching band and dance have taught her values such as teamwork and maintaining focus under pressure, which are skills that she still uses for rifle.

“I was inspired to join the rifle team because my mom was in a rifle team when she was in high school. I was also interested to join rifle team because Michael Pochron constantly talked about it in band” said Burkett.

When Burkett first shot with this she was initially taken back because she never shot with a sling and was not prepared for how numb it made her arm feel. A sling, which is a device which is attached and tightened to the users bicep and forearm of rifle that constricts and movement in return this allows for better and more consistent shooting. Burkett personally believes that this sport is difficult due to it being unlike anything else she has ever done.

The best part of rifle to Burkett is “having people you know at rifle who help me improve on my shooting.”

The most difficult aspect of rifle is staying completely and totally focused when shooting. One thing she advises newcomers is that the sport is difficult and to not get frustrated and discouraged.

After high school Burkett’s plans to continue rifle are not clear at the moment. However, she plans on attending Ohio State, and she aspires to be a drum major for their marching band.

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Shelby Burkett – Athlete Biography